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Information was something that was a rarity and came at an expensive price not long before the dawn of the internet. If you didn’t have the money to get the proper education, or didn’t have access to the right books, you were virtually out of luck when it came to learning about those particular subjects.

Conversely, today the problem exists on the other extreme-there are too many sources of information out there. This is one of the best and worst aspects of the internet-everyone is allowed to freely express their ideas on any subject, no matter how well versed or ignorant they are on the subject.

When we are looking for advice in regards to nutrition, losing weight, staying fit or any other topic related to health, we want our source of information to be providing us with accurate and reliable data. Unfortunately with everyone and their mother creating their own fitness and cooking blogs, this task can be extremely difficult to navigate.

You can still find the information out there which you are looking for, however it requires knowing what to look for, and a tremendous time investment on top of that. Many people understandably don’t want to be bothered with doing all of this work in their free time, and thus become reliant on other people to do the work for them.

Allowing someone to do so is completely fine, but again you have to make sure your source of information is valid. On the internet we run in to another issue that many good resources eventually run dry, usually due to neglect. So we want to look for not only a good source of information, but one that is a steady and consistent source as well.

This is why we believe that is the ultimate source for all of a man’s health needs. They have every topic you would be concerned with covered, everything from how to lose weight, how to plan your meals, what exercises to do and even reviews o the newest products to hit the market.

Any site can tell you about the ingredients listed on a bottle, but very few writers out there will actually personally take and review the product themselves like the men over at